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The Sea Haunt
Captain and Monster
The monster seen attacking the Captain of the ship




Java Sea

"Don't worry Bandit. Nothing will happen to you that won't happen to the rest of us."
"All that's left is rice and fortune cookie"

The Sea Haunt was an encounter with a Sea Monster by Jonny and his companions.

Story Edit

While flying over the Java Sea, the Quests learn on the radio that a ship had been lost as it was sailing over the Java Sea, so the Quests decide to try and find it. They happen upon it and manage to land their plane on its deck.

Inside the captain's room, they learn that the ship had been stopped by an engine problem, then attacked by a green sea creature too gruesome to describe, and that the captain and his crew were all killed by the creature. Bandit is the first to discover the creature and alerts the others, who catch a glimpse of it destroying their plane, so Dr. Quest decides that they're stuck on the ship until someone picks them up. Meanwhile, ships and planes all over have learned of the Quests' plane's disappearance, and set out search parties to look for them.

Whilst searching for food, the crew finds a man locked in the freezer, who introduces himself as Charlie, the ship's cook, who was hiding from the creature, which he calls "dragon." Charlie makes them dinner, but the creature soon starts destroying the rooms and are probably going to destroy the Quests next. Knowing the creature is scared of light, Dr. Quest and Race use a combination of light, fire, gun flares, and a harpoon gun, and eventually force the creature off the ship and to its deep sea death (maybe). The search party soon finds the Quests and Charlie and picks them up.

Just before the episode finishes, we see the sea creature swimming in the water, fine, leaving the episode and end of series with an open ending.